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If you are not sure which VHN participating provider network applies to you, please call your employer, insurer, claims administrator or VHN for assistance. VHN staff can be reached at 1-804-320-3837, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM eastern time.

The provider data in this website is updated regularly. However, providers are added to and deleted from the network on a daily basis. It is suggested that a provider’s continued participation be verified each time an appointment or referral is made by calling Virginia Health Network at 804-320-3837 in Richmond or 800-989-3837 outside the Richmond calling area. The patient should also confirm a provider’s participation at the time of service.

The inclusion of providers on this website is not a guarantee of benefits. For detailed benefit information please refer to the insurance plan booklet or call the insurance company.

Receiving services from a PPO hospital does not guarantee that all charges will be paid at the in network benefit level.

For example:

  • Hospital emergency rooms may be staffed by non-PPO providers.
  • Anesthesiologists, radiologists, and/or pathologists may provide services at a network hospital, but may not be under contract by the network.

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