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In most instances your VHN PPO network logo will be shown on your membership identification card.


     If the  logo appears on your ID card, please click 
           on the Virginia Health Network PPO link below.

           VIRGINIA HEALTH NETWORK PPO  This is the most widely
 VHN network.  If you have group PPO coverage through
           your employer or
 union or have individual PPO coverage, this is
           the network that is most
 likely to be used.

    If the   logo appears on your ID card, please click on 
           the VHN
PLUS PPO link below.

VHN PLUS PPO  This network is only for those groups and
individuals that use the VHN PLUS PPO network. 


    If the logo appears on your ID card, please click on
           the VHN
ULTRA PPO link below.

             VHN ULTRA PPO This network is only for those groups and
           individuals that use the VHN ULTRA PPO network.


    If the  logo appears on your ID card, please click on the
LINK PPO link  below.

 VHN LINK PPO  This network is for individuals who choose to use VHN providers outside of
          their primary network to gain access to discounted services which would normally be
          considered as out -of- network. This may allow claims to be processed as in-network by their
          primary insurer.

     If you are searching for VHN providers for services related to a  Workers'

          Compensation claim, please click on the Workers'Compensation PPO link


             WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PPO  You will not have a membership identification card for
          the Workers’ Compensation PPO.  This PPO includes those VHN providers that have
          agreed to participate in VHN’s Workers’ Compensation PPO and treat covered employees
          who are injured at work.


          If you need assistance, VHN staff can be reached at 804-320-3837 in Richmond or
          800-989-3837 outside the Richmond calling area, Monday through Friday between   
          the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM eastern time.


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